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Comfy and cute!

I love the cropped sweatshirt! It’s super comfy and fits perfectly! The color compliments my red hair. I’m 5’3 and ordered a Small.

Changed my makeup game

I started using this mascara just to test it out. I’ve used regular black mascara since I was 12. I was a little skeptical at first because I was so used to wearing such dark black mascara. After a few days of wearing the red mascara I tried wearing black on an occasion I wanted to go a little fancier and I realized how terrible I’ve looked all these years wearing black mascara! The black accentuated the bags under my eyes and just clearly looked like it didn’t match with my coloring!!! I will never wear another mascara! I also convinced my twin sister and my niece to try it and they both love it too! I love how it enhances my natural beauty while giving me visible eye lashes at the same time!

Nice Color

This shampoo works well for me. It gives my hair a little color boost in between salon visits. I love the spicy golden shade. Perfect for my (faded) strawberry blonde hair.

Perfect Shade

‘Sugar Daddy’ is the perfect shade for my red headed colouring.

Eyelashes that match ❤️❤️

Absolutely LOVE the mascara color, my eyelashes finally match my hair color like all of the brunettes have gotten forever!! I’m telling ALL of my Middle School students that are Red-Heads about the amazingness of it…they give me a cute smirk!!!

Great product!!!

This lipstick has a very nice color and it moisturizers really well!

Spring Box

Everything in the box is so useful! I love opening it to find all the goodies inside!

Great product!!!

I use this constantly to make my eyebrows stand out!!

Having auburn brows and lashes looks so natural. I love them.

Eyebrows that actually match my hair! The best

Best. Ever.

It's been very difficult for me to find an eyebrow pencil that matches my hair. I'm so glad I found this!!!! It's perfect.

Finally Have Lashes® - Red-y for Lashes Perfectly Auburn Redhead Mascara


The first mascara that matches my complexion

Love it

So happy this t-shirt is boxier!!!! Fits great


So I bought the eyebrow gel and the finally have lashes and I got my reviews mixed up! I wrote the one for the eyebrow gel under the finally have lashes one so here's the actual review for that one lol. I absolutely adore the mascara! I've tried another redhead brand and it just didn't last that long on me. I love the formula, it's not to wet or too dry. The color for the auburn one is unbelievably perfect, especiallywhen you see it in daylight. I also wear contacts and sometimes have to drop some drops to moisten them and the mascara lasted! I love the no makeup makeup look and I finally have products that work.

Color is awesome, but quality is even more impressive!

As a redhead I was drawn to this product/brand for the amazing variety of redhead-specific makeup products, including the brown mascara with a tint of red. The color is perfect for any dark auburn redhead but what I was more impressed with is that the actual quality of the mascara is the best I've ever used! The applicator perfectly applies the mascara to each lash without clumping and makes them look exceptionally long! It also lasts all day, including through my 6pm workouts after work (no sweat smudging!). Will definitely keep buying!


I bought the brown w splash of red and red-dy mascara and I can't say enough about how I love them. With very pale skin & blue eyes, black mascara is too harsh now that I'm older. My lashes & brows are nearly colorless making them invisible. The mascaras are perfect for everyday wear and the colors are easily buildable for a more polished look. My eyes are very sensitive, but with the H2BAR mascaras I have experienced no irritation or burning. I'm so thankful for Finally finding products which feel custom made!

Can’t live without this!

Finally Have Brows has totally changed my makeup routine! I’m in my 40s and my red hair and brows are starting to lighten (my brows faster than my hair). This product stays on ALL day and gives me a little extra confidence in my daily makeup routine. If I could only have two makeup products for the rest of my life it would be this and Finally Have Lashes (in Auburn). I tell every redhead I encounter about these amazing products!

Love this mascara!

I saw this product while scrolling through Pinterest and though I am not necessarily a "traditional" redhead, I have strawberry-blonde hair and very fair features. I don't usually wear a ton of makeup and was really intrigued by the "no makeup makeup" look this color provides those of us with transparent eyelashes (the only reason I didn't look into the brow products is because mine are tattooed, otherwise, I'd have bought from that line as well!). This mascara is the perfect color for a natural look without appearing lash-less. I definitely recommend for anyone with fair skin/features looking for a softer look!

The best brow ever

This stuff is amazing! The color looks so good! I’ve got it on auto ship now so I don’t forget it!

Perfect match!

Found my new favorite brow product! I've used the boy brow by glossier in the auburn shade and I'll admit it was pretty nice but this product is a much better match. I love how thin the wand is and it doesn't give you too much product so no worries of messing up. It lasted for a good time as well. I love that I get to support a smaller business that truly understands redheads.


My hair, though once a much more bright copper red, is turning more strawberry blonde the older I get and I was nervous that this mascara would be too red, but they got the red/copper tone balance just right and I think it would work well for a variety of redheads. I may try a thinner application or use a dry mascara wand to separate the lashes more to get an even more natural look, I'm just used to doing several coats since I have practically clear lashes naturally and this went on a bit thick, but overall I really like it and will definitely be recommending it. I also like the brow pencil and may try the gel in the future, but as I get older I'm losing my eyebrows, so the pencil does a nice job of filling in where there's not quite that much hair anymore.

I love the mascara red, the eyebrow, the lipstick and lip gloss. Amazing looks great. I hope this won’t discourage younger persons. I am 71 years old. It looks natural compared to the other products I used in the past.


Feel part of a community that understands my skin problems. <3

Fabulous Brows

This is by far the best match for my brows I have ever used! It’s the perfect shade and the ultra fine tip helps me apply with precision and detail. I will be using this for probably the rest of my life!