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SolarDerm is fantastic!

My whole family of redheads loves this product and has for years. It goes on smoothly, not greasy, it's feels great and so does our skin. Thank you SolarDerm!

Best. Eyebrow Gel. Ever.

I don’t usually leave reviews on things but this eyebrow gel is just too good not to. For a long time I’ve been trying different eyebrow pencils to match my brows and they’ve never been a perfect match and drawing on eyebrows everyday becomes tedious. But once I started using this gel, it had made things so much easier, not only does it match my hair perfect but it only takes a minute to get perfectly shaped and filled in brows. I thought it was a bit pricey, but now that I’ve used it I think it’s worth every cent. I’ll never use any other eyebrow filler!


I've tried at least a half dozen other eyebrow products, all of which were too brown or too orange. This one matches, fills and keep random hairs in place.

Too Dark!

With the color/shade and applicator type, better suited for mascara.

I do have brows.

Easy to use love it

Love this product

I did notice a great improvement in the color / shade of my auburn hair! I love this product. Will be purchasing again.

Summer Deluxe H2BAR Box - Extra Boxes Remaining in Warehouse

Love it

I love the full size shampoo and conditioner I got! And the lip color is perfect for my skin.


This shampoo works. I used to have the iconic fiery orange deep Redheaded kid with a zillion freckles to go along for the ride. Over the years, it has muted, and after wishing it were lighter in my twenties, I’m 43 and I’ve been trying to darken it a bit since my early 40’s. Reply s just been gradually lightening in the front and around my face. I used the wet brick. In the shower I shampooed and repeated. I also left it on for a good while. Idk if that helped at all. And I’m wondering if you wash with it every time, if it keeps darkening? But it really works. Not miracles. But it’s amazing to me that it manages to stay color thru rinsing, drying, and styling. 5 stars.

There they are!

Super fun and I love the shade! Not too dark!

My box

The best ever!!! And I have subscribed to a lot of boxes, but this one takes the cake 🎂

New hair

Having this color shampoo is giving my hair a whole new look. Love it

Easy Peezy!!

Love the simplicity of just washing the shampoo in and rinsing! The Color is The bomb!💣
Been looking everywhere for this process, not easy when they don’t make a lot of things for Gods Roses 🌹 😂🙌🏽❤️

REDHEAD Flowy Long Sleeve Off-Shoulder Tee
Christine Fraser
Please bring back!!

Please please order more of this style!! Missed out and really would love to have one!!

Easy peasy

Easy application, makes my nearly translucent brows blend nicely with my redhead hair


I love the color

A candle for the redheads

Smells spicy and not at all like bathing in sunblock.

Love it!

I love that the box comes with products that are great for my sensitive skin and most of the products I received came with sunscreen also which is super important to me.

Rock it

Nice and comfy

You won't regret it!

I have completely blonde brows and lashes. I have tried every redhead brow product out there. This is a keeper. It is fast, natural looking, and long lasting. Just buy it -- you will be happy you did!


I received this Copper color depositing shampoo in one of my boxes and it was amazing! It was just want my hair needed when I felt like it was becoming dull looking. I’m waiting anxiously for it to come back into stock!

Sweater couldn't be better!

I received my sweater yesterday and absolutely love it! Soft and warm but not too heavy, the colour is a great contrast with my red hair. Rocked it last night and was thrilled to receive lots of compliments on its maiden voyage! I am approximately 55kgs (121 lbs) and the extra small fits perfectly. I definitely recommend this essential addition to any redhead gal's wardrobe. Love the apparel h2bar. We're desperate for more of it here in Sydney, Australia!

Finally Have Brows® - Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel

Let me just say there is a learning curve to applying the Finally Have Brows® - Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel. I am happy to say I Finally Have Brows!!! They are waterproof and sleep proof as well. My eyebrows have turned white as I age. I have used pencil for many years but this tinted eyebrow gel is easier to apply. It applies even in humid weather. The pencil needed a dry brow line to be applied.

I am not good at writing reviews, but WOW!!!!! I am sold.

Throw away all other brow gels and pencils NOW. Take it from a skeptic.

"Well... fudge... it's genius!" was my reaction in front of my mirror after applying the Finally Have Brows gel.And honestly I was a skeptic... After having purchased countless products from all kinds of stores and online, I was less than optimistic but Adrienne and Stephanie know what they are doing and obviously what they are talking about. I don't know what I am going to do with my million other brow product but I won't be using them anymore for sure! Thank you SO MUCH for this! SO MUCH!


I tried the liquid copper for my hair that is naturally lighter red and bleaches out easily in the sun. It was the zhuzh I was looking for without the dye. Will definitely keep this around!

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