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Finally Have brows-Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel

The eyebrow gel is a bit dark but I need to get use to having brows and using a ginger-colored eyebrow pencil helps bringing out the lighter red so much. Thank you

I thought my brows were pretty good but now they are great!

I have used muted auburn brow powder for years but FHB really brings out the red in my brows and it lasts!

Loved everything in it!

It was my first box but it won't be my last. I would really like to buy some of the full size products. I especially liked the glycolic acid face wash.

Does it run true to size? A t-shirt I got in XL would only fit a Barbie!

Perfect tone and texture

This eyebrow gel is AH-MAZING!!! I am in love with the natural effect and how very little product I need to use. Please don’t ever stop making it. I am a natural redhead with (used to be) darker brows, that have faded as I’ve aged. The tint of this brow gel is the only thing that’s ever looked even close to natural for me. And the order I placed today is for my niece who has the blonde-barely-there brows and it looks amazing on her too (bc of course we tried mine on her first!) Thank you so much for catering to the needs of a a desperately underserved group of peeps - all of us gingers!
👩‍🦰 ♥️

As with other reviewers, I have mixed this with my normal shampoo, giving a slightly darker red to my hair. I love these shampoos.

This shampoo gives a lovely colour to my hair and makes it very smooth and soft. Great shampoo


I really loved it! The color is perfect and it stayed on all day. It was easy to apply as well!


I love this product so much that I bought a second one so I have a back up in case I can't get this again anytime soon.

Absolutely great!

I absolutely love it! I’ve never tried any brow products that was so easily matched to my red hair. I love it and I recommend it to any redhead or anyone who wants natural looking red hair eye brows. 💕

I loved this spring box

Every item in my spring box was awesome.i’ll use everything.ty im have bedn wanting to try overtone .ty it shipped so fast too.

Love it product

Love it!!! It is the perfect color. My eyebrows actually match my hair now.

I have eyebrows now!!

This by far, is the best stuff I have ever tried. It is now part of my permanent makeup regime.

Finally Have Brows® - Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel

Love my tee!

I received my “Rock it Like a Redhead” t-shirt and love it. Fit is great and quality is excellent.

Good stuff !

Love everything !


Please, please bring this shirt back!! I ❤️❤️❤️ It & I really want one!!


Love this pencil! The only one I have ever found that matches my hair ☺️ Plus super creamy and easy to use!

Haha at 53 I have eyebrows

I’m so busy I’ve only used it once and yes a little goes a long way especially if you’re like me and feel a bit funny with color there because my eyebrows are kinda big n’blond. I will try again though with a little less, it is fun and the product seemed to hold nicely 😉

Finally have the RIGHT brows

The name says it all and I feel like I've tried it all. The rave reviews sold me and they dont lie! It's abundantly clear these ladies know what's up when it comes to red hair and brows to match. I've been dyeing my dark blonde hair copper for 6 years and brows have been the one thing I couldn't figure out. I was using a popular millennial makeup brand's eyebrow gel in auburn and it's way too dark. And that's the typical issue I've come across - too dark or too red. This is the perfect color - it looks light but has the perfect amount of warmth to it without looking so fake (also, another issue I've encountered). Beyond that this doesn't just coat the brow hairs, the applicator allows you to shape the entire eyebrow area in the quickest time possible. It's truly amazing 10/10

REALLY happy

Probably a standard review on this page, but have to say it... I haven’t found a brow product that worked for me til now. Easy and perfect color. I’m extremely happy!


This is the best concealer I have ever used, and believe me, I have tried several dozen!
It’s very easy to apply and hides blemishes perfectly.
This is an amazing product and I highly recommend it!

Amazing Product!

I began coloring my hair in my 40s in order to keep my beautiful red hair red instead of the (GASP!) brown it was changing into. Unfortunately, I could not find a product that did the same for my eyebrows. That is, until I heard about this brand of eyebrow gel and tried it this morning.
I was shocked as to how well it worked! It’s easy to apply and looks natural. I highly recommend this product and will keep using it for years!
I love this brow gel!

Finally have brows

I absolutely love this product! My brows are already red-brown and stand out, but with this product they are much more defined and tamed! Thank you!!

The brows we never knew we rocked!

I’m delighted with the product #finallyhavebrows. It’s the perfect way to subtly tint the brows in a way that flatters my complexion. The product is of highest quality. It was shipped quickly to my home and came with a coupon, a bag and a cute lil redhead sticker. I will purchase this product again and can’t wait to check out what else is available. Thank you for filling a need and making my brows go from sparse to spectacular.

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