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Nothing Like It!!

I’ve been using the original Finally Have Brows eyebrow gel since September 2021 and I absolutely LOVE IT. For so long I had been buying blonde (more like a weird gray/brown) because they simply don’t have redhead products anywhere mainstream. The application is so easy (I’m terrible at makeup 😅) and the bottle really does last a long time! I’ve been using the same bottle daily for about nine months and I’m not even running low yet! While my eyebrows aren’t as light as other people’s, it’s so nice to have the opportunity to fill them in with my color instead of just using clear! I’m sooooo excited for them to release a mascara, as you can see in my photo the brown just isn’t cutting it the same (my untouched lower lashes for color reference)!!

What I’ve Been Looking For!

I had bought the longwearing formula of this product before. And while I liked it, it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. I have thinner brows and this is perfect. Dries quick, looks natural. Just what I was looking for!

Natural Looking Brows

This is the first time I’ve had brows that look natural! The brush is easy to use and the application is smooth.

Brows finally!

Easy built in natural brows! Life saver! No matter what shade of red hair the brown tint seems to work! I have a darker color on my noggin but the brows go on easy and look natural!

At long last!

So happy to finally have Bobby pins that match my hair! Very happy with my purchase!!

Love my box

Being a red head is hard. Finding the right products can be a challenge. Also I have coarse curly hair and they know the struggle! It may be a struggle at times as a red head but it's also a fabulous way to be.


Okay, this brow gel is legitimately awesome. I first tested it on one brow, and what a difference. BUT the crazy thing is when you first put it on, it looks weird...and as it dries, it looks totally natural! I'm very impressed. It's not too dark, not too light—and it doesn't even need much blending. Stellar product, H2BAR! Love.


I have been looking for a brow tint in red……FOREVER! I need to look no more! Love my brows, love my tint, love my REDWOW BROWS!

Warm Spice

I love the Tressa watercolors shampoos , The colors are great and I love how my hair feels after!


Soft inside and lighter weight, holding up after three months of usage. I’m 5’8 and found the sleeves to be a solid length.

Emma stone may not be a natural redhead but she looks like one and red suits her better than blonde. She is an honorary red and has the attitude to boot. We don't all have be born red to know how to rock it! Redheads are more than a hair color, its a personality and it comes from within!

Love my brows!!!

I have been always looking for a good eyebrow product because my eyebrows are blonde and you can’t see them, well my friend saw the product on tiktok and sent it to me. I rushed over to the site and bought it when I tell you I love this product so much and everyone gives me complements this is my second time buying it and I am going to use this forever!!!💕

No more green brows

So I’ve tried everything and either I end up with unnatural looking black brows or green brows, until now! This product is easy to use and looks natural.


I am so pleased with this item. My only concern is how to sharpen it and it seemed a bit small for the price. It is double ended taking winter and summer shades of hair into consideration. I was just a hint disappointed when I compared the size of it to others in the stores...still makes me feel like it's costly to be a redhead.

No more blonde brows

This is the best product that could have been invented for redheads. My natural eyebrows & eyelashes are so blonde. This gel is my most favorite makeup product and is worn everyday! It is also very easy to apply.

Love Fluid Fire

This is a great color correcting shampoo that gives my hair just the boost it needs sometimes. Perfect for covering gray too.

I finally DO have brows!

Omgosh! I saw this online and thought what the heck I’ll try it! It’s absolutely wonderful! I had my eyebrows tinted once! I will never do it again. They were hideous and way to dark! The “I finally have brows” is an absolute godsend! My eyebrows are no longer invisible! Thank you so much H2BAR, you have found yourself a new lifer!

Ginger pride is in the details!

I’ve never in my life had redhead bobby pins and it’s funny how happy they make me! I literally use them every day. I adore this company!

Ginger Essential Five Stars!

I was already in love with the original Finally Have Brows eyebrow gel but the Volumizing version is even better for me! The fabulous brush colors my brows and allows me to “paint” the skin underneath where my brows are super sparse without looking heavy or fake! No more clown brows! I love H2BAR!!!!!

No more invisible brows

I absolutely love this product! I finally have eyebrows that look full and natural. The color is perfect. It is easy to apply and lasts a long time.


Wow, love these base drops. I only use a couple drops in my conditioner and it has turned my fading red hair vibrant again. Looks shiny, feels soft and has a nice copper color.

Best Product Ever

I have gone through so many brow products. Blonde, auburn(that always ends up being more maroon), and brown are always the main colors available in most product lines. There's never any for redheads. This solves the problem with how to get eyebrows as a redhead. It's name is no joke.

I wish I had this sooner

I fear the days I forget to use Finally Have Brows® - Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel .

Made for me-Literally!

My name is literally Brett and I'm a redhead so I had to try this. I have a lot of copper in my hair and have the hardest time finding a match. It's perfect! Fits my name and the color! It's like it was made for me!