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Great Package! But why?

I was happy to get these wonderful boxes from you with all the great products. But am discouraged that you made me buy these (duplicates of ones I had already purchased earlier) when all I asked for was the name of the manufacturer of the auburn eyelashes. I am a good customer. Why?
Maryellen Markley in Honolulu

I Finally Have Brows!

Seriously, this is the best redhead product ever. After years of using light brown pencils and powders that just didn’t get it… I finally have brows that match my hair!! I love how it’s lightweight and doesn’t look fake… it enhances my actual eyebrows and looks so great and natural. I get compliments all the time. I’m so impressed. It’s totally a staple for me now.

Like an Easter Basket

Such a fun package to open and search through the lovely packing material to find lots of fun things--can't wait to try. Didn't find any chocolate though! :-)


Love all the things I get in there! Full size and products I love and would have never found without this box!


I can use everything in the box

Love this eyebrow gel!

I’m so happy to have found this website! I bought the eyebrow gel. It matches my hair perfectly. It lasts all day! I ordered the eyebrow pencil and lipstick. I’m waiting for them to arrive.

This is the one!!!

As a chosen redhead for the majority of the last 10 years, I quickly realized how few brands make brow products for redheads (and furthermore, how few out of the ones that do create a believable red brow product!) I love the skinny wand of the Finally Have Brows longwearing brow gel, and that it's the perfect tint for redheads. What impressed me even more though is how well this held my brows up! Even products with great hold normally let my brows fall down when my hair grazes my face, and Finally Have Brows locked them in place like a firm-hold hairspray. I would even say this formula is water resistant and doesn't immediately start running when you go to wash it off. Honestly, all around one of the best brow products I've used as a redhead.

Finally Have Brows® - Tinted Redhead

I am using this product for the first time, I found them just recently. I am excited to have found something that brings out my brows like nothing else that actually is my color! So in LOVE right now!!! 100% buying again!!!!


I enjoy the product a great deal.
It makes my hair feel thicker.

For strawberries too!😊

I love it too! I’m a natural strawberry blonde and it does work for us🥰

Best Brow Pencil I've Tried So Far

Finally a color that works for my brows. It's not too orange or taupe. I use it before the gel and notice a big difference. Will be purchasing again.

The best

Love it


Just like the name says - finally I have brows. Super easy to use, minimal time and effort needed to create beautiful brows.

Love 💗 both products 🤩🤩🤩

Finally Have Brows® - Tinted Redhead Eyebrow Gel (Longwearing)

Love my Brows

Completely love this product! It's about time! Will buy for life!


Girl. I been going around for 51 years with either invisible brows or weird looking off ones. This product is amazing!

Redhead Bobby Pins
Brandy Saffel
The best match to my hair.

If you ever looked for red pins you drove yourself crazy. This is my one stop shop for them. Great quality.

My go-to bag for daily use.

I use this cute bag to hold all the things I might need during the day. Extra contacts, lip balm, sunblock, H2BR brow products, and gum. All the things a Redhead needs.

Redhead brows

It is extremely helpful to have easy to apply, natural looking auburn brows. I hope that the new pencil coming out in August will allow a more feathery look.

Love it

Love this. 10/10

Fellow Redheads - You have found your best brows ever!

I'm absolutely obsessed with this product! Being a strawberry blonde redhead it is so difficult finding any redhead centered products but once I came across Finally Have Brows I will never struggle with my brows again! The color matches all shades of red, it applies easily and smooth and tames the brow, stays on all day (even in TX heat!), and looks so natural. I love this product and love this company!


I absolutely loved my box! It had so much in it and everything felt like it was made just for me. The lashes matched my hair almost to a T and I’m so excited to wear them out!

My daughter loved getting this!

I surprised her at college. She and her roommate are redheads so they can have some fun with the products and share!