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I want to buy stock

This conditioner is frickin amazing. There is no other way or word to describe it. It WORKS! It's possible that I have already submissted a review. But I don't care. I have naturally red hair, but like most people, it has faded a bit over the years. It's the conditioner that brightens me it all back up! For $13 I will NEVER have to die my hair, EVER!!!! Never again! I think my hair dresser is very happy, but that's just too too bad! 10 stars for this!

Very natural

The shampoo is a great enhancer. It looks natural yet ai get so many compliments. My hair color is slightly richer and it gives it a nice shine. I love it and will repurchase.


I am not a natural redhead, my hair is dyed auburn and my eyebrows are black. I got this product to see what it did out of curiosity and the result is that it makes my eyebrows very light! It surprised me since my eyebrows are dark I wasn’t expecting such a drastic change! Very cool to me, I like the way that it looks despite it not being “red” but since my eyebrows are dark and I’m not a natural I wasn’t expecting it obviously. Posting this for anyone who isn’t a natural redhead and has red hair. Dark eyebrows will be light with this product! Not quite blonde but a very light brown! I love it it looks very cool and dramatically changes the way my face looks.

Great color

This pencil is the perfect color combo for my thinning brows. Others are usually too bright and don't match my hair. This pencil fills in and looks great.

Great Selection!

I'm going to order another July box! This one has a great selection, and I LOVED learning about Seed Phytonutrients' commitment to sustainable packaging.

Red hair, don't care sticker

Love my new sticker! Put it on my computer

My life saver

This is the only product I’ve ever used on my brows that lasts and feels natural. I’m a natural redhead and it’s hard to find something that matches until now! Very easy to apply, love it!

Ginger goddess coffee mug

I love my new coffee cup. I am a ginger goddess and now I have something stating it! Love it!!

Love this!

I am a natural redhead, strawberry blonde, but color it deeper. This gel is everything! Soft and looks much more natural than a pencil with blonde brows.

The fall H2BAR deluxe box

The fall H2BAR deluxe subscription box has so many wonderful 😍 products in it. I love the Color & Co.'s conditioner. Makes my hair shiny and so manageable. I'm looking forward to using the CBD body sugar to exfoliate and remove dry, dead skin. Many more awesome products in the box!

Fall Box

Liquid lipstick is an awesome neutral shade. The lip gloss though, doesn't have very much pigment in it, which was dissappointing.

The hair clips are cute and are color appropriate for us Gingers. After using the shampoo and conditioner, my hair was soft, yet a bit frizzy.

Better fit for my hair

I tried the copper shade and it gave me a pink hue and was splotchy so i bought this one to try next. Im very pleased with this yellow based orange-red. My natural color is med strawberry blonde but i had a mishap with some dye and this helps even the color out. It even looks close to my natural shade. This one actually adds a little color to my undyed roots which the copper didnt.

Very impressed

I really like it. Easy to apply. Very natural looking. It's a winner in my book!

The only one

After trying so many brands, so many tones of brow products, only this one works. It’s magic.

I have not received my shipment of 2 orders…

I have not received my shipment of 2 orders…

Best Red Shampoo

I love this shampoo keeps my bottle red looking vibrant and healthy between appointments!


Its a great way to keep in the know on things out there for reds who want to try new things, but just don't have the money to do so, or just don't know about it. The 3 month red box deal is the best, for it about the same in $'s as a 1 month red box, you get so much more in this deal!! Thank you for the Love of Red!!

Great color, but not permanent

very nice color. since i do a lot of sports, i need a product that really tints the eyebrows. the color 4.1 from refectocil stains permanently, but has an ugly pink shade regardless of which other color I mix it with. it would be so great if you could develop a permanent color in a shade of red / henna.


Wow wow wow AGAIN!! I’m just that speechless after seeing how amazing my hair came out after using both the shampoo and conditioner! My hair was very light from adding a few highlights and also from the summer sun. I wanted to bring back my natural bright red hair for fall and girl did this product do just that after ONE wash! I highly recommend this product to all my redheaded friends and anyone else that wants to bring some red into their style!

Brow Wow!!

Beautiful color!!! Best I have ever seen!!! If it only came with stencils for shaping!!!

brows are now whole

Due to a mistaken diagnosis, l had surgery which left me with one half each brow. Using this product, l can now fill in the other half and have a more expressive face.


This is hands down the best concealer I've ever used! I legit use it everyday. I use it just on needed areas and don't need to use foundation because it blends so well. I'm thrilled to find something that matches my skin tone so well. And it's so creamy! I'm on here today to order more, so I thought I'd give my review to hopefully help someone who's on the fence about ordering it. Thank you How To Be A Redhead!

Summer H2Bar Box

I love everything in the box! I so appreciate all of the sunscreens we get to try. And the sun hat is amazing! Thank you! Thank you!


My first h2bar box & it is awesome!


I love the cute bag that came with everything this month! And the full size provides this month as well. I definitely need the after sun lotion & serum.

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