H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box
H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box
H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box
H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box
H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box
H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box

H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box

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OVERVIEW: Redhead Friendly’ approved beauty products sent to doorsteps monthly.

DETAILS: The H2BAR Box is a monthly beauty box for redheads, packed full with beauty, accessory and confidence-enhancing products valuing $80-140+ each month. The days of spending wasted money on products that do not work for your red hair and sensitive skin are over;  and for a reasonable price of $20.48 per month, you can sit back and let your red hair shine.

WHAT DOES 'REDHEAD FRIENDLY' APPROVED MEAN?: This means all items are always free of heavy chemicals & complement red hair.  Our team works meticulously to find products to meet the ‘Redhead Friendly’ seal of approval and is excited to deliver them to doorsteps monthly.

Customer Reviews

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February H2BAR Box Review

I have been an H2BAR Box subscriber for a few years now. I’ve had so many beauty box subscriptions in the past but this one is still by far my favorite. I love that all of the products compliment my hair & sensitive skin so well. The February H2BAR Box was packed with so many products I can’t wait to try!

H2BAR love!

I've been following this Instagram account since it started, but just took the leap of purchasing the subscription. I absolutely loved my first box. It felt so special to get products that I know my sensitive skin will be ok with and that is specially picked for fellow redheads such as myself. I can't wait to see what future boxes will have in store!


Absolutely LOVE this subscription box! I love all the products I receive each month. And love how they listen. I am a curly redhead, so I can't use products with sulfates in them. H2BAR had a post on FB asking what customers wanted to see more of in upcoming boxes. I requested products safe for curly girls too. Not only have I since received red head friendly and curly girl friendly products, they had a curly girl podcast shortly after! Great customer service!

One of my favourite boxes

Giving a review of february H2Barbox and i love it. So much products, this month, think this is one of my favourite boxes so far. Can’t wait to try Tressa color shampo in copper. Even tho i’m a bit nervous to anything with my beautiful hair.
The lipstick i really love, though i never would use red, but gorgeous colour. And so smooth.

Hege Hystad
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Each month gets better! I absolutely love everything that comes in my boxes. It feels so good to be able to get skin and hair products and feel as if they were made just for me. The H2BAR Box has never let me down! The owners truly care about each subscriber and customer service is always wonderful.