Deluxe H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box

Deluxe H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box

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OVERVIEW: The Deluxe H2BAR box is a Redhead Friendly’ approved beauty products sent to doorsteps 4X a year. Value is worth $250!

DETAILS: The Deluxe H2BAR Box is a quarterly beauty subscription box for redheads, packed full with beauty, accessory and confidence-enhancing products valuing $250+. It is sent out in MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER. The days of spending wasted money on products that do not work for your red hair and sensitive skin are over.

WHAT DOES 'REDHEAD FRIENDLY' APPROVED MEAN?: This means all items are always free of heavy chemicals & complement red hair.  Our team works meticulously to find products to meet the ‘Redhead Friendly’ seal of approval and is excited to deliver them to doorsteps monthly.

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Deluxe H2BAR Beauty Subscription Box

Great box, fair price!

I’ve found some great products that are now my go-to’s in my beauty routine, I definitely appreciated the December deluxe box a little bit more just because it was more skin care focused, the make up we received in the first deluxe box was awesome but for a girl like me who wears make up maybe once a month, I definitely prefer the skin product heavy boxes, the pimple patches they’ve sent gave me a picking solution and they always pick great shampoo & conditioners. I actually save money getting this box and I get to try out new things like a foot mask! Love the Vendetti sisters, love the podcast, love the book, love the box, love being a Redhead 💋❤️🔥

I love being a redhead!

The box I received was amazing! So many items I didn't know were out there for a ginger! I love everyday to try a new product, and all seem to be awesome. I feel like my whole life I was trying to be a blonde, closest color to my strawberry blonde locks. Plus, only using brunette makeup... never really matched my pale freckled skin, and sensitive skin. But now with H2BAR Beauty boxes I have options and solutions! Thank you so much...

First box

This was my first box and i like it except for the Tarocco moisturizer. It has so much perfume in it that it makes the skin itchy. Otherwise great stuff!

Not very happy!

I was happy enough with the box I initially received besides the fact I had to pay 33 euro customs which wasn't made clear. I then received a second one a few days later which I had not ordered and had to pay the same customs charge yet again. To annoy and disappoint me further when I sent an email to your customer service, I am yet to get a reply to rectify this issue. The box itself was ok but there was nothing "wow" in the box that I would warrant paying the price of the box plus delivery plus customs. While I wasn't charged for the second box I still had to pay 66 euro in total for customs which is the price of the box or there there abouts. Overall not very happy with the customer service of this experience.